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La Perla Restaurant
2000 - 2016

June 2016 will be our anniversary marking 16 years of trading in Guernsey as La Perla Restaurant.
It was in 1999 that I first came to Guernsey to improve my English and gain more experience in the restaurant business. I initially came to help my good friend Salvatore at Saumarez Park Tea Rooms and soon realised I wanted more of a challenge. With this in mind I went to what was Mish Mash Restaurant to help Berni Kerrigan who was the owner/chef at the time, but he had no front of house man. We got on well from the start. After the millennium celebrations we joined forces and became a partnership in the restaurant, which we closed in March 2000. With a little help from our friends we revamped it, gave it a good face-lift and re-lunched it under the name of La Perla. I recall it was quite difficult as I had only been in the UK for 10 months and my communication skills left a little to desire. Also the eating habits in Guernsey were quite different from where I trained back home in Sorrento, south of Italy. I knew in my heart right from the start that the key to success was universal in that I must look after my customers, make them feel welcome, comfortable and treat them as what they are which is the most important element in the business.
As time passed my communication skills improved and I built a good rapport with the people in Guernsey. The business got stronger and stronger and reached our best year in 2010. In 2007 we relocated to bigger premises at North Plantation, where we are now located. In 2016 we celebrate 16 years of trading as La Perla. I would like to take this opportunity to say a heart felt thank you to all of our costumers over the last 16 years for their support and friendship. I would also like to say a personal thank to my new partner/chef Dinarte Fernandes, for the last 9 years he has been helping making La Perla what it is now. From now on we will try our best to continuing our standard.
We would also like to thank the people of Guernsey for making us feel welcome and at home, also to be able to do the job that we love and are passionate about.
As I said earlier, I believe that our success is due to our commitment to our customers and our famous three courses menus. Also our very competitive wine list, all of which as been achieved by being fair to our customer, not being greedy and passing on any savings we can make to our customers. It is our intention to maintain these principles for the next 16 years and beyond. We look forward to serving all our customers, old and new in the not distant future.
However, unfortunately these days with the fast rising prices and economic downturn we have put a small increase on our prices but we still have a £10.99 menu.


Antonino Gargiulo: Proprietor               Dinarte Fernandes: Proprietor